Nokia Fun Camera - Introduction

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The stand-alone Nokia Fun Camera PT-3 enables you to take pictures while on the
move. To view pictures taken with the Nokia Fun Camera PT-3, you need a
compatible mobile phone with a Pop-Port


connector, such as the Nokia 3100,

Nokia 6100, Nokia 6610, Nokia 6800 or Nokia 7210. For information on the
compatibility of other phone models, check with your dealer.

Take pictures in JPEG format, the number depends on the image quality, and save
them in the camera memory. You can then send them to a compatible phone.

The Nokia Fun Camera PT-3 sales package include the camera, 2 AAA batteries,
carrying strap, optical viewfinder and the user´s guide.

The Nokia Fun Camera PT-3 supports an image capture resolution of 640x480
pixels. As this guide contains simulated screen images, the image resolution in
this guide may appear different.

Read this user’s guide carefully before using the Nokia Fun Camera PT-3. Before
connecting to a compatible phone, read the user´s guide of that phone, which
provides more detailed information. Do not use this user’s guide in place of your
phone’s user's guide, which provides important safety and maintenance

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